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207 David Osieli, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya.
Phone: (+254) 0735-559562
Email: info@thehairawards.co.ke
Web: www.theafrohairawards.co.ke


The Afro Hair Awards is Kenya’s largest, most inclusive beauty event, offering unlimited networking, education, and professional growth opportunities to all sectors of the Hair industry.
Most people working in the salons are also not trained and the few who are trained do not have opportunities to show case their prowess and inspire the rest. Therefore, there is a gap to create a healthy competitive environment that shall trigger hard work from every quarter of this industry in order to instill professionalism.

The Hair Awards institute has therefore decided to launch an awards scheme that shall be a platform for the many hairdressers to showcase their prowess in the trade as well as business acumen for salon owners.
This awards ceremony is uniquely geared towards raising the hair industry standards, instilling professionalism and creating a strong bond between product manufacturers, salon owners and hair stylists.

This event has and continues to involve international celebrated hair stylists from the US, UK and other parts of the world as judges as well as showcase what they do best during the awards gala night. This award has a nomination and judging process that observes the integrity of ensuring an extremely fair platform for all the stylists who participate.

Nominees of the Hair Awards go through mentorship program before the competition to ensure the best is delivered on the day of the competition. After the awards, trainings skewed to develop winners’ business acumen, technical capability and identification of growth opportunities in their industry are done for the winners to ensure a complete change in might set, personal and business growth.

As an awards scheme, we take pride in executing our responsibility in driving growth in an industry that employs thousands of youths.
We will continue to put all efforts possible to ensure that, The Afro Hair Awards lives long after we are gone.


Business category

This category is intended to enhance customer care, employee / employer relationship and general ambiance of the salon environment. Salons that enroll for this category shall be visited impromptu and judging shall be done in the salon’s current state. This is meant to have salons standards maintained at the highest from day to day.

All round categories

This category focuses on a 360 degree evaluation of a hairdresser, from their business acumen, people skills to their technical prowess.

Outstanding Category

Awarded to a member of the industry for work done to better the industry or influence created among other members of the hair industry. This could be someone currently in the industry who has devoted his/her time in bettering the industry and changing the immediate world’s perception about the industry in a positive regard.

Specialty category

Category is intended to drive focus and specialization in the industry. The intended success of this category is to have a better quality service delivery in each service that Kenyan consumers go looking for in salons. Stylists’ shall do more research skewed into their specialty which shall grow their knowledge and expertise hence a more professional service delivery